Easy traybake treats

If you’re using a lot of treats and want to make them cheaply and/or want to control calories/ingredients, here’s a super easy traybake.

I made this in the morning total time for blending etc was maybe 20min plus baking time. I should add I don’t bake for humans AND I’m not a morning person – that’s how easy these are!

The easiest way is to take ingredients that are already cooked – I used e.g. dried salmon that was too crumbly to be used as treats and a bunch of stuff I found at the back of the freezer. Pork/beef mince precooked or chicken would work just as well – I get stuff from the discount bit that is about to go out of date.

I put these in the dehydrator afterwards but I think you could achieve the same result by using the oven on a low temperature – my dehydrator is on 80C for 4h.

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