PSM promotion mode at Hond 2022

We went to the biggest dog show of the year yesterday just to walk around like PSM advertising with our shirts and bags 😁 (not registered because we originally had other plans for this weekend)

We met some nice people like the chairman of the Dutch association for Irish Water Spaniels whose tip for those promoting a smaller breed from 20 years of experience was “patience” 😅

It made us think reflect: PSM has only been recognised a few years so all the work we are doing today will come to fruition some day far in the future, and the mission is bigger than any one dog or breeder. It’s all of us building “a cathedral” for future generations to enjoy – like Gaudí and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona that is still not finished 140 years later (although we hope FCI recognition won’t take that long 😅).

300km was a long way to drive for that insight so I’m glad there were other nice conversations too, and the chairman also gave me tips on where to find the only hunting training that is tailored to the spaniel trials (which are different from retrievers in the Netherlands) – and a nice book recommendation which I’ll put in the comments for anyone who doesn’t mind reading in English or German.

Next year, we will hopefully join the other breeds who had a promotional stand 💪

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