• First days with the A-team

    First days with the A-team

    It’s taken me a few days to edit this, but here’s a snapshot of our Saturday night. It was quite nerve-wracking to be a part of the whelping process, and you feel a little bit helpless because the mother dog needs to do most of the work. Grace did well though, and we just hadContinue… Read more

  • They’re not puppies, they’re small dogs

    They’re not puppies, they’re small dogs

    This is probably going to sound weird, but I don’t actually look at these little nuggets as “puppies” – meaning a category that is usually associated with “cute and adorable”. Before you think I’m Cruella de Vil, let me explain… When I look at them, I see early blueprints of adult dogs. I knew itContinue… Read more

  • Virtuous circles of trust in breeding dogs

    Virtuous circles of trust in breeding dogs

    Grace has been incredibly trusting with us throughout the process. She’s not very insecure about the puppies – she’s left them a few times, and we’re allowed to handle them all the time. She also allowed us to help her extensively during the whelping process. These might seem like obvious things, but after reading aContinue… Read more

  • Introducing… Zeta Centauri Litter A!

    Introducing… Zeta Centauri Litter A!

    I know there will be people waiting for the news… we are now in charge of these little hamsters! Everyone is feeling well, Lady Grace included – although she is exhausted, of course. Several have already attempted “prison break” from the nest even though they are less than a day old, so I think we’llContinue… Read more

  • Why you should think twice before breeding your pet dog

    Why you should think twice before breeding your pet dog

    I originally wrote a draft this post two years ago after responding to someone in a Facebook discussion. When I recently strumbled across it in my drafts, I thought it might be a good time to revisit it – this is a lightly edited version to make it more like a coherent blog post. JustContinue… Read more

  • We have news!

    We have news!

    Sometime in the next week, we will welcome the first “constellation” of puppies of Kennel de Zeta Centauri into the world! I’ve been very disorganised getting everything done for this formal announcement, but I wanted to wait until we have the logo and my procrastination led to more delays. We are expecting 4 or moreContinue… Read more

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