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Hi, I’m Elina!

In non-dog life I’m a human behaviour change expert, working with both public and private sector organisations. When I’m not thinking about human behaviour, I’m thinking about dogs and this blog is where some of my musings end up.

Spaniels crashed into my life in the shape of Nell, the working cocker spaniel my husband owned when I met him. Since the day Nell claimed my heart with her big furry paws, I’ve been in love with these dogs and eventually found my way to Polish Hunting Spaniels.

Even though Nell is no longer with us, her spirit lives on in the name of our kennel, Zeta Centauri (her original registered name) and continues to inspire the content of the blog. I don’t have dog-related professional qualifications, but I spend a lot of my spare time learning about dogs – you can get an idea of my interests below!


  • Picking a Puppy: 4 Steps to Evaluate Puppy Structure (FDSA)
  • From the First Step: Understanding Gait Mechanics (FDSA)
  • Relaxation vs Anticipation with Release Cues (FDSA)
  • Steady! Achieving control at the point, flush, and fall (for hunting and pointing dogs) (FDSA)
  • Training the Dog You Have and Adjusting Accordingly (FDSA)
  • First Aid for Dogs (FDSA)
  • The Fenzi Method: Cutting Corners to Loose Leash Walking (FDSA)
  • Keep Calm and Be Zen (FDSA)
  • Arousal and the Goldilocks Principle (FDSA)
  • A Perfect Fit: Exercises for Life & Fitness (FDSA)


  • Frustration Challenge (Lighten Up Dog Training)
  • Worked Up! Understanding, assessing, and soothing arousal in sport dogs (FDSA)
  • Working with Reactive and Hyper-aroused Dogs (FDSA)
  • Fix It – Effective Behavior Change (FDSA)


(Each talk listed is 1h)

Dogs With Big Feelings Conference (FDSA)

  • How to Use Choice and CU Patterns to Create Clear Thinking and Self Regulation
  • Arousal Modulation
  • Reactivity: Selecting a training protocol to suit the underlying driver
  • Calming Games for High Arousal
  • When feelings get in the way

Lemonade Conference 2021 (Fenzi Dog Sports Academy & IABBC)

  • A Breed and Need Specific Approach to Unwanted Behaviors
  • What Your Dog’s Movement Can Tell You About Behavior, Training & Performance Issues
  • Arousal and Aggression: When There’s Fuel Behind the Fire
  • How We Deal with Errors in an R+ World
  • From Distress to De-Stress: Teaching the Switch from Frantic to Focused
  • The Science of Making Dogs Happy
  • Training as a Balancing Act: Why Balance at Both Ends of the Leash is Critical for Performance and Behavior
  • Arousal and the All-Important “Threshold”
  • Creating Confident Competitors: Dogs & Humans!
  • Crazy Good! Self Control Games for the Wild Child
  • The Secrets Behind Proper Canine Exposure to Novelty
  • Searching for the Science Behind Separation Anxiety
  • Interactive Toy Play From Foundations to Practical Reinforcer
  • Thinking About Dogs from an Evolutionary Perspective
  • Ruff ‘N Tumble: Martial Arts for Dogs
  • One Foot in Front of the Other: Practicing Your Agility Handler Mechanics

Lemonade Conference 2021 (FDSA)

  • Solving Arousal Problems with Stations and Control Unleashed Games
  • Raising and Training a Wiz Kid: Performance Puppy 101
  • Revisiting Reactive Rover
  • The Nosework Confidence Trifecta: Mood, Engagement, and Independence
  • The “Antecedent Iceberg”: Embracing the Natural Integration of Ethology & Behaviorism
  • The “Ins” and “Outs” of Behavior: How Physical and Mental Health Go Together
  • Oops! I Did it Again: Troubleshooting Your Agility Training
  • Dog Reactivity: A Different Approach
  • The Science of Dog Play and Its Applications
  • Powerful Performance: Personalized Fitness to Optimize All Sports
  • Enrichment Foundations for Success
  • Glue Skills for Performance Dogs
  • Can DNA Testing Save Dogs? What Sequencing is Telling Us About Diagnosing and Treating Cancers, and How We Can Breed Healthy Litters
  • Working with Sensitive Sport Dogs
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