• What goes in the cost of a pedigree puppy?

    What goes in the cost of a pedigree puppy?

    For years I’ve read comments on dog owner Facebook groups that complain about how expensive pedigree dogs are and how it’s better to adopt not shop. I’ve written about this before, but when we started this puppy project I decided that I will track the costs so that I can both see for myself whatContinue… Read more

  • The work of a breeder – part 2

    The work of a breeder – part 2

    In the previous post, I said that the male is the second most important choice in the process of breeding – the most important one is the mother.  The mother needs to meet the same kind of criteria as the father, and a bit more because they are a much bigger influence on the puppies.Continue… Read more

  • The work of a breeder – part 1

    The work of a breeder – part 1

    Recent conversations made me think it might be interesting to shed some light on the work that has gone into these puppies – all of our families are aware and appreciate it, but I’ll write for those who I’ve not had these conversations with.  Many people think the work starts the day the puppies areContinue… Read more

  • The “why” of Zeta Centauri

    The “why” of Zeta Centauri

    As we learn more about raising puppies and the influence these early weeks have on dogs as adults, we also increasingly realise things that may have gone not quite as well for Nell, our first spaniel and our forever heart dog, without whom we wouldn’t have Grace and none of this would be happening. Nell,Continue… Read more

  • The risks of openness

    The risks of openness

    I posted something yesterday that (in my mind) was about how I’ve realised this process of breeding dogs is full of decisions. I think about this because my day job is about how people make decisions under uncertainty and how they evaluate risk. Some are big and significant, like the choice of male, health testing,Continue… Read more

  • Self-care for Mama Dog

    Self-care for Mama Dog

    It seems like Mama Dog also needs her self-care and… I support that. We let her choose how and where she spends her time without any constraints – it’s her home and her children, after all. I’ve been happy to see that she does her job diligently and conscientiously like the Good Girl she is,Continue… Read more

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