Dog show results

Here you can find all of our dog show results including judges comments.


  • Netherlands 4x CAC, 4x BoB – Dutch Champion in 2021
  • Belgium 4x CAC, 4x BoB – Belgian Champion in 2022
  • Poland 4x CAC, 1x Youth Winner, 1x Best Junior


  • Feminine overall picture. Typical proportions. Beautiful eye and ear. Proportionate angulation all around. Good ribs. Strong bone with good feet. Runs smoothly. Pleasant temperament. Excellent.
  • Very nice type, nice head and expression, good topline, excellent angulation, very good movement, very nice temperament.
  • Beautiful female head with a lot of nobility. Beautiful expression. Good shoulder. Sufficient length upper arm. Sufficient front and hind angulations. Excellent tailset. Good bone (?) and feet. Nice hair and tail. Smooth movement. Excellent.
  • Good size, excellent type, strong body , good bones, good topline and tail, angulations in balance, enough neck, feminine head, enough skull , good bite, good expression, good coat quality, moves well, nice temperament.
  • Great size. Silky hair with some woolly hair on the skull. Good head. Correct eyes, ears and teeth. Very pleasant character. Soft and affectionate. Angles front and rear okay. Great legs and feet. Shows smooth gait.
  • 3 years old bitch with height, colour and structure of hair perfectly aligned with standard. Typical female head, ears perfectly set in head with great position. Perfect ridge. Perfectly shaping front with perfect angles. Elegant and efficient movement.
  • Small head normal, bright eyes. Good, straight back. Perfect movement. Good presentation, perfect tail work, typical coat.
  • Female with great head, good hairs on ears, great behavior, great movement, great line.

The Netherlands



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