The complex issue of neutering dogs: a research review

Ever since we got Grace, I have been grappling with the decision of neutering. For now, we are keeping her intact but at some point in the next 2 years we need to think about it seriously so I started collecting evidence. I still haven’t read everything in detail because there is so much to learn about dogs, but in the meantime I’m making it available for whoever is interested.

Just the thought of working out the right choice is exhausting…

I’ve put together a review document of up-to-date evidence on dog neutering, includes abstracts, key highlights and links to original documents. It’s a long read, but it’s not a simple topic and the “right” answer depends on the breed as well as the risk preference/convenience tradeoff for the owner.

You can view and download the Google document as well as many of the research articles from this Google drive folder.

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