Puppies & physiotherapy

If your dog is very active (e.g. a sporting or working breed) it’s a really good idea to have them checked 1-2 times per year by a physiotherapist.

Grace has been a rocket-monkey-otter hybrid since she arrived as a 16 week old puppy so for our peace of mind it’s been invaluable to know she’s fine. Dogs can hide minor injuries and pain for a long time, and in puppies a small issue can become a big deal quickly. Some physios may have puppy sessions on their price lists but even if they don’t, it’s easy to ask – likely to be cheaper than a full session because the assumption is they’re in good shape.

Despite her crazy antics, she is apparently in perfect shape which is a relief. However, a 5-month old pup of the same breed as ours (i.e. otherwise athletic build) jumped from a sofa and had a minor injury which the vet said was ok, but on closer inspection by a physiotherapist there was muscle tension which would have built up through asymmetrical use of legs etc. Quick fix now saved a lot in the future!

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