The legacy of Zeta Centauri

It’s almost been a full year since our furry North Star left us – I recently had to send my phone to be repaired and temporarily switched to using my old one – coincidentally I got the new phone almost a year ago, so discovering the last pictures here was quite emotional. I can now see how unwell see was and realised I didn’t really want to see it at the time.

It was around this time last year it dawned on us that our journey together was coming to an end – it was preceded by several weeks of mysterious health issues and a mountain of worry that sat on my heart like a heavy stone.

Her departure left us all fumbling in the dark and it took us many months to start moving ahead in our new constellation. In the past year, Grace has really grown to fill the big boots left by Nell as the governess of the house 😄

It’s like Nell left a guidebook behind her and Grace has been reading through chapter at a time, implementing activities and behaviours step by step. How Grace is socially mimicking her friend long after she is no longer here will probably be one of the mysteries we’ll never truly understand – because you’d assume social learning occurs more immediately, not with a delay of several months.

By cosmic coincidence, our family constellation will change again almost exactly a year later. These puppies will forever carry the name of the dog who changed our hearts: Zeta Centauri, “the bright one”, Nell’s original kennel name. Because they all benefit from her legacy – her lessons to us, and our love of spaniels is all down to one charming, lovable furry pest.

She might be physically gone, but she will always live in our hearts as well as in Grace and her puppies – Auntie Nell’s legacy is always present.

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