Toy test: MyIntelligentPets Dog Sudoku


I bought the MyIntelligentPets Dog Sudoku a couple of weeks ago at the Animal Event but hadn’t had time to test it yet. Last night the little monkeys were particularly energetic despite a long walk with friends so I thought it was time.

My Dog Sudoku is a part of the Travel Box which also includes another game (yet to be tested!). It consists of plastic tiles the dog needs to move in a certain order to reveal the treats hidden underneath. While I’ve seen videos of dogs playing this game carefully and in a considered manner, I can’t say the same about my two – they both launched into it with all the enthusiasm of a food obsessed spaniel, and pawed their way to the solution as quickly as possible. Luckily the game is pretty sturdy!

I played the game with Nell first and then thought I would try it with Grace to see how a puppy would handle it. Result? She did just as well as her older sister, and seemed to love it just as much. While they both got through the game quickly even this first time, I’m hoping that future repetitions will help them learn a more considered approach and that I can see them actually figuring out how the game works.

All in all, so far this is turning out to be well worth the investment!

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