Toy review: Trixie Cat Activity Board – for dogs!

I got one of these cat activity boards to try something new – I’m running out of dog brain games to try 😅 I’m not a fan of the one-trick pony games which are solved a few times and then too easy, and many of them rely on dogs lifting or pulling pieces with theirContinue reading “Toy review: Trixie Cat Activity Board – for dogs!”

How to remix Buster ActivityMat tasks

Buster ActivityMat is quite simply the best canine enrichment toy/game on the market anywhere – so many levels of difficulty give you an ability to build the games as the dog’s skills grow which gives it longevity. The initial investment is pretty high, which probably scares off many people – can it really be worthContinue reading “How to remix Buster ActivityMat tasks”

A roundup of food enrichment ideas

I’ve found myself talking about food enrichment to friends a lot recently, so I thought I’d write up some of the things that I regularly do to keep our busy doggies chilled out and entertained. First up, some toys and then I’ll walk through what I do with them… We have a lot of foodContinue reading “A roundup of food enrichment ideas”

Toy review: Buster ActivityMat

I’ve talked about the BusterMat before so I thought I’d make a longer video. It really is the best brain toy I’ve come across – you can increase the difficulty as your dog learns more, and it is difficult time and time again because you basically need dexterity to get the treats too, not justContinue reading “Toy review: Buster ActivityMat”

Toy review: Sumo Play & Dog Comets Ceres Treat Locker

These two excellent products arrived yesterday – they are nice alternatives to the classic Kong. The Sumo Play is basically the same thing, but I find it easier to fill with wet food for freezing, and because it’s a different shape, dogs need to learn to hold it differently (i.e. more mental stimulation and pawContinue reading “Toy review: Sumo Play & Dog Comets Ceres Treat Locker”