Toy review: Buster ActivityMat

I’ve talked about the BusterMat before so I thought I’d make a longer video. It really is the best brain toy I’ve come across – you can increase the difficulty as your dog learns more, and it is difficult time and time again because you basically need dexterity to get the treats too, not just wits.

Grace has played with it much less than Nell, so she is less experienced which shows in this video. She takes a lot of breaks and eventually walks away because it was a bit too much. She also solves the easier tasks which means I need to teach her the harder ones.

The downside is that it’s a pricey investment: I’ve found mine years ago and the starter pack was c. 35e, and over time I’ve bought more tasks separately which are around 6-8e each. However, I’ve had it for 3 years and it’s still the best thing I have for the dogs, and it has been used frequently so I think it has really good return on investment!

BusterMat tasks for reference!

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