Loving a spaniel means working with them

Since it’s Valentine’s Day… a story about how just loving them is not enough for spaniels. One of the biggest lightbulb moments I’ve ever had was the day realised how important it is for spaniels to WORK with their human. I will never forget that moment at our first hoopers class in the summer ofContinue reading “Loving a spaniel means working with them”

DIY enrichment with boxes

A new shoe box with fresh wrapping paper – can’t leave that opportunity slip by 😂 Deer treatos in bits of paper and layer in… voilà! Also doubles as a bit of patience training when you’re “forced” to observe the process – some huffing emerged when the human was just taking a ridiculous amount ofContinue reading “DIY enrichment with boxes”

Toy review: Trixie Cat Activity Board – for dogs!

I got one of these cat activity boards to try something new – I’m running out of dog brain games to try 😅 I’m not a fan of the one-trick pony games which are solved a few times and then too easy, and many of them rely on dogs lifting or pulling pieces with theirContinue reading “Toy review: Trixie Cat Activity Board – for dogs!”

Why you should start walks with a sniffing game

Lots of new owners struggle with recall and this morning I realised I do a lot of things automatically now that might be helpful insights and ideas for others. So, here’s a short film about how sniff games can really help with both recall and your dog paying attention to you outdoors – none ofContinue reading “Why you should start walks with a sniffing game”