Toy review: Trixie Cat Activity Board – for dogs!

I got one of these cat activity boards to try something new – I’m running out of dog brain games to try πŸ˜…

I’m not a fan of the one-trick pony games which are solved a few times and then too easy, and many of them rely on dogs lifting or pulling pieces with their mouths which doesn’t seem to come naturally to my dogs in any situation or game.

This was 15e on Amazon and good value at that. I’m definitely getting a second one because it was a huge hit! I might even use it to feed some meals for the dogs in the evening if they have excess energy…


Don’t get one if you think your dog will chew it up, always supervise etc etc πŸ˜„ Probably most suitable for small/medium dogs – dogs bigger than 20kg may have a tongue that is too big πŸ€”

Manufacturer website

Also works with long life sausages (and probably wet food too!)

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