TV for dogs

Every once in a while I put on animal videos from YouTube – it’s always interesting to see how Grace reacts to them and which ones she pays attention to. We’ve previously watched a lot of videos of cats, mice, birds and even underwater life which was utterly fascinating.

Before this I already showed some pheasant and squirrel videos but they were BORING today. This video of cat and fox fighting came up on autoplay while I wasn’t really paying attention…

We have also previously done a TV session where the dogs watched pheasant videos and I let them smell a dried pheasant skin that is meant to be wrapped around a dummy (from a hunting store). It was just for fun – just the TV would have been enough!

You can find a selection of videos in this playlist – they are not recommendations as such, just things to test and see what your dog finds interesting and reacts to!

BusyDoggies Dog TV playlist
Link that you can copy:

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