Loving a spaniel means working with them

Since it’s Valentine’s Day… a story about how just loving them is not enough for spaniels. One of the biggest lightbulb moments I’ve ever had was the day realised how important it is for spaniels to WORK with their human. I will never forget that moment at our first hoopers class in the summer ofContinue reading “Loving a spaniel means working with them”

Why structure matters for working spaniels

A lot of people, especially in the working spaniel world, look down on dog shows – they’re seen as being about appearance and, as such, an unnecessary vanity. It’s all about PERFORMANCE for working cockers, so appearance doesn’t matter! The implicit subtext is that this focus on performance is somehow morally and ethically superior – and in all honesty, once upon a time, I embraced this attitude as well.

Video post: “Walkies with a Polish Hunting Spaniel”

I’ve been recording some of our walks recently, since the beginning of the semi-lockdown in the Netherlands and I realises today I should post them here too! Here’s the first one… People often ask what Polish Hunting Spaniels are like on walks – well, you can see for yourself now!

Reflections on the microcosm of Polish Hunting Spaniels

Last weekend we attended our first ever dog show with Grace – and not just any dog show but a national exhibition of Polish Hunting Spaniels… in Poland. Before Grace we never considered showing a dog, and to be honest, it still isn’t something I’m particularly keen on but we had promised her breeder thatContinue reading “Reflections on the microcosm of Polish Hunting Spaniels”