Why you should start walks with a sniffing game

Lots of new owners struggle with recall and this morning I realised I do a lot of things automatically now that might be helpful insights and ideas for others. So, here’s a short film about how sniff games can really help with both recall and your dog paying attention to you outdoors – none ofContinue reading “Why you should start walks with a sniffing game”

Toy review: Buster ActivityMat

I’ve talked about the BusterMat before so I thought I’d make a longer video. It really is the best brain toy I’ve come across – you can increase the difficulty as your dog learns more, and it is difficult time and time again because you basically need dexterity to get the treats too, not justContinue reading “Toy review: Buster ActivityMat”

Video post: “Walkies with a Polish Hunting Spaniel”

I’ve been recording some of our walks recently, since the beginning of the semi-lockdown in the Netherlands and I realises today I should post them here too! Here’s the first one… People often ask what Polish Hunting Spaniels are like on walks – well, you can see for yourself now!