Dealing with sibling jealousy by training emotional regulation

The biggest challenge we faced when getting a puppy was to ensure the dogs build a positive relationship. This was especially important because they are both females, and I was informed by our behaviourist that fights between two girls can be much worse than one with opposite sexes so you can imagine we were prettyContinue reading “Dealing with sibling jealousy by training emotional regulation”

Grace meets agility

Our agility class had only a few participants around last night so the teacher invited Grace to join too (adapted to her age of course). This is Grace’s first time experience of agility equipment and she was totally unfazed by it – even the bendy tunnel that some dogs fear because you can’t see theContinue reading “Grace meets agility”

Reset with sleep and slow games

Today is a low-key home day with lots of sleep to “reset” the dogs after a busy weekend. Our weekends are often filled with beach visits, trips to the garden centre and generally lots of activity for the dogs – in short, a ton of stressors because even a highly exciting trip to the beachContinue reading “Reset with sleep and slow games”

The things we do for our dogs

Last night, we made a sandbox. Both dogs, especially Nell, have a deep love of digging – pun intended, because the first thing she did when we moved here in November was to dig huge craters in the garden. So, in the interests of keeping our new garden (once it is ready) safe from theContinue reading “The things we do for our dogs”

1 dog +1 puppy = more than 2 dogs!

  I knew raising a puppy would be hard. I knew we would need to work hard to nurture the relationship between the two dogs. And I knew all of this would be doubly hard because of the breeds we’ve chosen. Yet, I hadn’t quite realised just how much work the combination of all those thingsContinue reading “1 dog +1 puppy = more than 2 dogs!”

Puppy meets the Lady of the House

My biggest fear about getting a puppy, or second dog in general, was that they would not get along with Nell who is mostly the sweetest dog you’ll meet – except when it comes to whatever she considers her possessions. And even more unfortunately, Nell’s definition of “her” possessions is the widest possible you couldContinue reading “Puppy meets the Lady of the House”