Every little helps when it comes to self-control

I recently met a lot of dogs of the same breed as Grace, and many of them reminded me of a younger version of her – a much more impatient one! So I wrote something for our breed’s Facebook group and thought I’d share it here too in case it’s useful for someone. Learning that theyContinue reading “Every little helps when it comes to self-control”

Why you should start walks with a sniffing game

Lots of new owners struggle with recall and this morning I realised I do a lot of things automatically now that might be helpful insights and ideas for others. So, here’s a short film about how sniff games can really help with both recall and your dog paying attention to you outdoors – none ofContinue reading “Why you should start walks with a sniffing game”

How to change your dog’s behaviour in three (not easy) steps

My day job includes human behaviour change and it occurred to me today when I was thinking about recall that actually… without realising, I analyse my dogs’ behaviour with the same tools that I use with humans. So, without further ado, I decided to give it a go! This is just the first draft, soContinue reading “How to change your dog’s behaviour in three (not easy) steps”

Books on dog-human connection

BECAUSE DOG TRAINING IS NOT ONE-SIZE-FITS ALL Train the Dog in Front of You (Denise Fenzi) If there was one sentence in the blurb that describes this book, it’s this: “This book is practical, realistic, easy to read and….radically different from all other dog training books on the market.” I’ve never seen a book likeContinue reading “Books on dog-human connection”

Turning into a couch potato? Online dog training to the rescue!

Now that many of us are spending a lot more time at home, it’s the perfect time to spend some extra time training your dog! Even if we can’t go to face-to-face training courses, there is plenty on offer online so I’ve put together a little list of places to start your search… I’d loveContinue reading “Turning into a couch potato? Online dog training to the rescue!”