Quick notes on THAT study about genetics and personality

In the days since the study hit the popular press, I’ve found myself writing the same things over and over in various social media discussions. While I really want to write about this properly, I know myself well enough to admit I may never get around to the meticulously crafted long-form post… So, considering that,Continue reading “Quick notes on THAT study about genetics and personality”

Reads: Breed specific guides pt. 1

I’ve just come across this UK website with a really cool dog book selection. A couple of breed specific ones stood out and I thought they might be good for lots of people here. Many breeds have specific behavioural traits that were developed for a purpose but can be problematic in today’s world – I’veContinue reading “Reads: Breed specific guides pt. 1”

Reads: Why someone might return their puppy

This popped up on my Medium recommendations and I thought it was an interesting perspective on why someone might choose not to adopt, or why someone might choose to rehome their dog and not invest huge amounts of training to make things work – both of these choices regularly receive judgment on dog owner groups,Continue reading “Reads: Why someone might return their puppy”

Reads: How we react to dog injuries

This was an interesting article – obviously from a Canadian perspective, so there might be a cultural difference in people’s reactions to dog injuries. Of course, there are dogs that are aggressive and need the help of a trainer – but more often than not, especially when a dog bites a child, there was faultContinue reading “Reads: How we react to dog injuries”

Reads: Interesting article on canine osteoarthritis

Interesting article looking at two sides of the story when it comes to canine osteoarthritis: owners and vets. In short, lots of assumptions on both sides which leads to miscommunication and not always the best outcome for the dog. Also, apparently a lot of times owners don’t want to accept the diagnosis and think theirContinue reading “Reads: Interesting article on canine osteoarthritis”