Reads: Interesting article on canine osteoarthritis

Interesting article looking at two sides of the story when it comes to canine osteoarthritis: owners and vets.

In short, lots of assumptions on both sides which leads to miscommunication and not always the best outcome for the dog. Also, apparently a lot of times owners don’t want to accept the diagnosis and think their dog is just getting older… On the other hand, many experiences of reluctant owners can lead vets to think it’s not worth it or limit their recommendations.

I don’t know if that’s the case with my vet, but he would have just let things progress until our dog needed pain medication… instead, we worked hard with a physio to improve her situation and hopefully keep pain away as long as possible (video of her in comments – nearly 9 years old and 8 months after the minor arthritis diagnosis!).

“Could it be osteoarthritis? How dog owners and veterinary surgeons describe identifying canine osteoarthritis in a general practice setting”…/pii/S0167587720308825…

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