Toy review: Sumo Play & Dog Comets Ceres Treat Locker

These two excellent products arrived yesterday – they are nice alternatives to the classic Kong.

The Sumo Play is basically the same thing, but I find it easier to fill with wet food for freezing, and because it’s a different shape, dogs need to learn to hold it differently (i.e. more mental stimulation and paw dexterity).

The other one is Dog Comets Ceres Treat Locker – it seems very easy to fill but when frozen the X-shaped hole is a different kind of challenge for a dog than a round one.

I have medium sized dogs (c. 15kg) so these do not hold a full meal – I specifically wanted smaller ones for daytime entertainment, e.g. if you are training a dog to settle and relax.

Prices for reference (on Agradi NL – you’ll also find them elsewhere):
Sumo Play S – 7.99e
Dog Comets Treat Locker – 9.25e

For more details, here are links to the ones I bought (not affiliate links):

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