How to remix Buster ActivityMat tasks

Buster ActivityMat is quite simply the best canine enrichment toy/game on the market anywhere – so many levels of difficulty give you an ability to build the games as the dog’s skills grow which gives it longevity. The initial investment is pretty high, which probably scares off many people – can it really be worth it? Yes, it can – we’ve had ours for four years and it hasn’t lost its appeal at all. Both dogs absolutely love it – so much so they’re always slightly vibrating from anticipation while watching us put it together!

Over time I’ve bought all of the tasks and also lost some bits of the game – not to mention 2 tasks have never been to Nell’s liking so today I thought I’d show how to remix the tasks to add variety and creatively use even those tasks that the dog might not like. Read on – the pictures are from our Instagram stories!

If you haven’t come across our favourite dog brain game before, start with these posts:

BusterMat tasks for reference!

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