Toy review: Kong Lock-It

Overall rating: 🐾🐾🐾🐾 (human also satisfied it’s good value) Interlocking balls that you can buy more of – pack has 3. Suits a small dog (up to 13kg) without strong jaws. The bigger size might be ok but this one is S. Suits Grace well so it will be just her toy 😊 Bought fromContinue reading “Toy review: Kong Lock-It”

Struggling to keep your dog busy? Look no further!

I’ve been asked for toy recommendations a lot, and due to lack of time, I haven’t really kept up with writeups or reviews – and some have been bought before this blog started so by this point the toys are not new. But to save writing the recommendations again and again, I’ve collected some allContinue reading “Struggling to keep your dog busy? Look no further!”

Toy review: Beeztees Wigglex

It’s spring! And time for garden brain games to come out of storage – among them this brilliant toy, Beeztees Wigglex. It’s big-ish, so suits a medium/large dog, weighted at the bottom so it’s quite difficult to topple over enough for treats to fall out (despite the big holes at the top). It’s also greatContinue reading “Toy review: Beeztees Wigglex”

Toy review: Snack Snake

This simple Treat Snake is one of the best toys we have – it’s usually 8 euros so pretty cheap, super durable, and entertains in many ways. Crunchable treats encourage chewing, odd shaped ones take a lot of manipulating the toy, dried meat strips (really good because they are less likely to roll around =Continue reading “Toy review: Snack Snake”

Toy review: Petsafe Linkables

I bought these linkable puzzle toys many years ago for Nell because we needed to distract her when we left the house. She managed to solve most of the toys we had bought too quickly (we couldn’t make it out of the house!) so I got one of each to start with. The first timeContinue reading “Toy review: Petsafe Linkables”

Toy review: BusterMat

View this post on Instagram A post shared by BusyDoggies (@busy_doggies) View this post on Instagram A post shared by BusyDoggies (@busy_doggies) View this post on Instagram A post shared by BusyDoggies (@busy_doggies) View this post on Instagram A post shared by BusyDoggies (@busy_doggies) View this post on Instagram A post shared by BusyDoggies (@busy_doggies)Continue reading “Toy review: BusterMat”

Toy test: snufflestack

It’s taken me a while to post this but better later than never! Another snuffle toy we bought at the Animal Event was this “snufflestack” (my name for it, because it didn’t have one). Basically, it’s a pile of double layered fleece squares with a hole in the middle, stacked up in a fleece rope.Continue reading “Toy test: snufflestack”

Toy tip: Starmark Tetraflex as a mealtime toy

Today breakfast was served from Starmark Treat Dispensing Tetraflex – one of my absolute favourite mealtime puzzles. It’s soft plastic so no noise on hard floors; the size and shape allow dogs to pick it up and most importantly, unlike many other treat balls, it has a little funnel inside the opening which reduces theContinue reading “Toy tip: Starmark Tetraflex as a mealtime toy”

Toy tip: frozen Kong Quests for lowering arousal levels

I often give the dogs a chewing or licking activity after an active walk that has raised their arousal levels, like a beach trip is guaranteed to do. Nell took 20min to finish her Kong Quest Star Pods and Grace 80mins her Kong Quest Foragers Flower because it contains more food and Grace is younger.Continue reading “Toy tip: frozen Kong Quests for lowering arousal levels”

Toy test: MyIntelligentPets Dog Sudoku

I bought the MyIntelligentPets Dog Sudoku a couple of weeks ago at the Animal Event but hadn’t had time to test it yet. Last night the little monkeys were particularly energetic despite a long walk with friends so I thought it was time. My Dog Sudoku is a part of the Travel Box which alsoContinue reading “Toy test: MyIntelligentPets Dog Sudoku”