Toy review: Petsafe Linkables


I bought these linkable puzzle toys many years ago for Nell because we needed to distract her when we left the house. She managed to solve most of the toys we had bought too quickly (we couldn’t make it out of the house!) so I got one of each to start with.

The first time it took her 45min of frustrated work to figure it out – I was hopeful, but I should have known better! After she worked out the correct technique to separate the parts (paws on each side of the joint and pull with mouth), she quickly progressed to solving them in minutes, so I bought more.

The box says 1 piece is for beginners, 2 for intermediate and 3 for experts – in the end I had 8 pieces and she solved the whole thing in 5 minutes… After more than 4 years, the toys are still in her box and come out every once in a while so I’d highly recommend them – but don’t trust the box when it says “hours of fun”!



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