New winter coats and listening to your dog

Our new Equafleece coats have arrived!

With the winter on our doorstep these two waterbeasts are always soggy when they get in the car so for the drive home, I like to make sure they stay warm.

Their current jumpers require wrangling font legs into holes and for a while now Nell has been pretty reluctant to let me do it, to the point of growling. I figured that because it was fine previously, it’s possible that is now uncomfortable her as she has gotten older, so I got them coats I can just slip on and still allow me to tuck in wet ears in the collar.

They’re very snug and tailored – Grace’s is more loose because I actually measured her, and used old measurements for Nell even though I probably should have measured her again too.

In any case they are awesome – great quality, look good and most importantly keep wet doggos warm 😊

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