Why structure matters for working spaniels

A lot of people, especially in the working spaniel world, look down on dog shows – they’re seen as being about appearance and, as such, an unnecessary vanity. It’s all about PERFORMANCE for working cockers, so appearance doesn’t matter! The implicit subtext is that this focus on performance is somehow morally and ethically superior – and in all honesty, once upon a time, I embraced this attitude as well.

DIY enrichment with boxes

A new shoe box with fresh wrapping paper – can’t leave that opportunity slip by 😂 Deer treatos in bits of paper and layer in… voilà! Also doubles as a bit of patience training when you’re “forced” to observe the process – some huffing emerged when the human was just taking a ridiculous amount ofContinue reading “DIY enrichment with boxes”

PSM promotion mode at Hond 2022

We went to the biggest dog show of the year yesterday just to walk around like PSM advertising with our shirts and bags 😁 (not registered because we originally had other plans for this weekend) We met some nice people like the chairman of the Dutch association for Irish Water Spaniels whose tip for thoseContinue reading “PSM promotion mode at Hond 2022”

The path to a “well-trained dog” is paved with tiny tiles

Dogs have taught me to become a much more patient person – progress is gradual, skills are learned in small increments, and some days, you just have to let it go with a shrug. But if you persist and just keep doing small things every day (or every 3 days!), one day you’ll realise youContinue reading “The path to a “well-trained dog” is paved with tiny tiles”