The “why” of Zeta Centauri

As we learn more about raising puppies and the influence these early weeks have on dogs as adults, we also increasingly realise things that may have gone not quite as well for Nell, our first spaniel and our forever heart dog, without whom we wouldn’t have Grace and none of this would be happening. Nell,Continue reading “The “why” of Zeta Centauri”

First days with the A-team

It’s taken me a few days to edit this, but here’s a snapshot of our Saturday night. It was quite nerve-wracking to be a part of the whelping process, and you feel a little bit helpless because the mother dog needs to do most of the work. Grace did well though, and we just hadContinue reading “First days with the A-team”

We have news!

Sometime in the next week, we will welcome the first “constellation” of puppies of Kennel de Zeta Centauri into the world! I’ve been very disorganised getting everything done for this formal announcement, but I wanted to wait until we have the logo and my procrastination led to more delays. We are expecting 4 or moreContinue reading “We have news!”