The “why” of Zeta Centauri

As we learn more about raising puppies and the influence these early weeks have on dogs as adults, we also increasingly realise things that may have gone not quite as well for Nell, our first spaniel and our forever heart dog, without whom we wouldn’t have Grace and none of this would be happening. Nell,Continue reading “The “why” of Zeta Centauri”

The bittersweet nature of love and loss

It’s been a month and we miss this lady more than words can say – her absence means our lives are much quieter, and it feels a bit like the balance of our family has been shaken. She was my constant companion for so many years that on some days it feels a part ofContinue reading “The bittersweet nature of love and loss”

A love letter to my heart dog

Nell was lovely, charming and extremely lovableā€¦ But if you shared a life with her, she was not an easy dog to love – she was intense, loud, exuberant, demanding, opinionated, short-tempered and persistent. She challenged me year after year to learn more about dogs and how they think because in many ways she theContinue reading “A love letter to my heart dog”

An extraordinary dog

With incredible sadness we need to share the news that our beloved Nell unexpectedly and suddenly lost her fight with cancer on Thursday night. We discovered 2 weeks ago that her lymphoma had returned immediately after chemotherapy ended, which was extremely bad news.  We did not want to cut her life too short for our emotional orContinue reading “An extraordinary dog”