Not all ball throwing is bad


Some people are really against balls for dogs and I can totally see why. Some dogs, including mine, get obsessed, a little possessive, and running after a ball can also cause injuries – something we’ve also experienced.

So why do I not ban them entirely? Because they are incredibly useful for me to keep my busy doggies minds and bodies exercised. To keep them happy, I would need to walk them preferably 1.5h if not 2h because I can see from their activity monitors and behaviour at home a simple hour’s walk along a path is not enough for these hunting breeds (especially the young one has a LOT of energy).

Some days I can do that, other days it rains a lot and I’m busy with work so I need a compromise that ticks all the boxes. I’d love to be one of those people who train their dogs every day, but I just don’t have enough spoons – this makes them just as happy, if not happier – a win win! 😁

These are the two hardest searches today, most are much easier and quicker for them. I try to trick them so they can’t see exactly where the ball lands because then they have to track it down with their noses… An orange ball is invisible to dogs in general, even more so with the ground like this so it’s difficult.

They’re moving at their own pace, so no sharp turns and young one can run much more than the older one which is perfect! 😊

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