Toy test: MyIntelligentPets Dog Sudoku

I bought the MyIntelligentPets Dog Sudoku a couple of weeks ago at the Animal Event but hadn’t had time to test it yet. Last night the little monkeys were particularly energetic despite a long walk with friends so I thought it was time. My Dog Sudoku is a part of the Travel Box which alsoContinue reading “Toy test: MyIntelligentPets Dog Sudoku”

Reset with sleep and slow games

Today is a low-key home day with lots of sleep to “reset” the dogs after a busy weekend. Our weekends are often filled with beach visits, trips to the garden centre and generally lots of activity for the dogs – in short, a ton of stressors because even a highly exciting trip to the beachContinue reading “Reset with sleep and slow games”

Toy tip: going beyond classic Kong for frozen food toys

This morning I did my weekly ritual for the second time since Grace arrived in family: filled a dozen toys and froze them. While it is common advice to new puppy owners to use Kongs and especially frozen ones, in the first two weeks I was too much in a haze to be that organisedContinue reading “Toy tip: going beyond classic Kong for frozen food toys”